Welcome to Veranda

interiorOn October 22nd 2015, Veranda celebrated its eight years anniversary from the opening day. Then,it was the first neighborhood bar and restaurant on the east side of the Logan circle. Ten years ago, when we signed the lease, a few people had the view to see the development on this side of the circle. We are proud to be a corner stone of the SH-LOGAN (funny we are located on the corner of 11 and P). 11TH street separates Shaw neighborhood from Logan which now have become one.

We survived all this years by having the motto of Good Food, Local Place, Friendly, Variety of Drinks, our Famous Patio, and the most Important : The Great regular Customer base that we created which have been coming from day one even though with all the new development in the neighborhood.

Our menu is based on the healthy Mediterranean diet which is cooked from the Yiayias, Nonas or Grandmas. No matter what you call them, everywhere where they are, they can’t wait to have the nieces and nephews in the kitchen to teach them a trick or two. We try hard to replicate that experience by changing our menu seasonally and by getting the freshest ingredients available from the local farms, just as grandma goes in the garden to pick what is ripped and ready to cook.

We will continue proudly with our motto “FIGS”, which not only stands for the Fig tree we have in our patio (thanks to Tomas), but also the initials mean France-Italy-Greece-Spain.

We welcome everyone to come, relax and enjoy an espresso, a beer, a wine or a cocktail, accompanied by a small plate or an entrée, and for the moment, be in the Mediterranean Riviera.

Feel free to contact us at: info@verandaonp.com.